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DOS Canada Inc is an OEM manufacturer for the Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) and Electrical Industry with inovative current topology, engineerd, manufactured and tested for complete customer satisfaction. We are currently updating this page with the standard questions we have received over time from customers and suppliers. Please check back in 48 hours to see the updates to this page and other pages on the DOS Web site. Thank you.

General questions
For the Artificial Lift Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) industry, DOS manufactures and supplies surface and downhole equipment. Our engineered designs are updated yearly to keep up with all process control systems and technologies. We have the best in the world control and down hole systems.
Electrical industries or end users of electrical control systems benefit from DOS products such as our Variable Speed Drives, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtering and Power Conditioning equipment.
DOS Canada Inc is open to work with anyone who is located anywhere in the world. We sell directly to Oil Companies, Pump Companies, End Users and we form alliance with agents whereas DOS will private label for key customers under agreement of yearly sales quotas.
Existing Customers
DOS can ship replacement parts for the DOS Matrix and many of our DOS Manufactured products, within 1 to 3 working days from notification and order placement.
DOS after sales support involves support for customers, decades after the sale. DOS is available to provide higher level courses or refresher courses on all DOS products.
Our standard warranty period is 12 months of operation or 18 months after shipping, which ever comes first. We have supplied thousands of systems around the world and have had one warranty claim. DOS quality assurance testing is thoroughly performed on each and every part sold to our customers. For example, a DOS VSD undergoes a 24 page test procedure from start to finish of the VSD prior to quality export packaging and shipping.
In 1911, 18-year-old Armais Arutunoff organized the Russian Electrical Dynamo of Arutunoff Co. in Ekaterinoslav, Russia, and invented the first electric motor that would operate in water. During World War I, Arutunoff combined his motor with a drill. It had limited use to drill horizontal holes between trenches so that explosives could be pushed through. In 1916, he redesigned a centrifugal pump to be coupled to his motor for dewatering mines and ships. Prior to this, the induction motor was invented by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla applied for U.S. patents in October and November 1887 and was granted some of these patents in May 1888.
DOS offers our standard products and DOS will custom build a product for the customers needs or specifications. DOS is very flexible to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. With decades of experience in 43 countries, DOS can fast track a design and implement it for testing in a very short time.
Most all products manufactured by DOS are upgrade able to today's technologies. For example, 12-pulse VSD's supplied to the Middle East in 2005 can be upgraded with our DOSine ProActive Harmonic filter to lower the harmonics to less then today's 18 pulse and 24 pulse VSD's. THis upgrade also brings the power factor to Unity 1 and decreases operating cost, significantly while balancing current and removing flicker. The DOSine also includes SCADA upgrades to match with today's RTU and internet based software.
New Customers
FAQ 10
The electrical submersible pump, typically called an ESP, is an efficient and reliable artificial lift method for lifting moderate to high volumes of fluids from wellbores. These volumes range from a low of 150 B/D to as much as 150,000 B/D (24 to 24,600 m3/d). Variable speed Drive (VSD) controllers can extend this range significantly, both on the high and low side. The ESP’s main components include: Multi-stage centrifugal pump, Intake Gas Separator, Seal section, Three-phase induction motor, Power Cable and Surface Controls. Usually I Down Hole Sensor gauge is coupled to the ESP motor star point to communicate down hole data such as intake / discharge pressure, motor winding temperature, intake temperature and vibration X Y.
FAQ 11
We will require to analyze the company requesting to become an agent of DOS Canada Inc. We have a very high criteria for who can represent us. DOS Canada Inc completely complies with export law of Canada. We have a general list of questions to be answered along with supporting documents. DOS is open to work with anyone, anywhere so long as the relationship and agreement is bilaterally, mutually beneficial. DOS will make sure there are no conflicts with other agents in such region.